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Therapeutic BOTOX

Health Canada has approved BOTOX as a therapeutic treatment for migraines and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). At Spa Lumina, BOTOX injections have helped many of our Barrie, Ontario, clients gain relief from these common, yet troubling, medical conditions.

To see if BOTOX is an appropriate treatment for your migraine or hyperhidrosis concerns, request your free consultation online to meet with  our Doctor or give us a call at (705) 721-7775. Our clients visit us for both therapeutic and cosmetic BOTOX from Collingwood, Orillia, Newmarket, and other Central Ontario communities.

What's hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that makes you sweat more than you need to. In primary hyperhidrosis, the cause is unknown and affect specific areas, such as the armpits, hands, feet and/or face. At Spa Lumina we only offer treatments for the underarms. Other factors such as diabetes, menopause, nerve damage and some medications can also cause excessive sweating, called secondary hyperhidrosis.

BOTOX works for hyperhidrosis!

BOTOX focal injections are an effective way to treat excessive sweating. In one study of excessive sweating, 95% of clients experienced an average reduction in sweating of 83% in one week. Plus, the effect lasts up to seven months on average. BOTOX is the only prescription medication approved for the treatment of hyperhidrosis.

BOTOX treatments are simple

The procedure for BOTOX treatment is a simple one. A small amount of the drug is injected intradermally to the affected area using a very fine needle. The needle is placed just under the skin and any discomfort is minimal. You should notice a significant reduction of sweating in the treated areas within a week of treatment.

It could be covered!

Many people find that they are covered by their extended insurance/benefit companies for the treatment of migraines and hyperhidrosis with BOTOX.

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