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Does truSculpt® iD Body Contouring Work?

If you find it challenging to achieve your dream body through diet and exercise, you might consider nonsurgical body contouring. While you shouldn’t discount the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise for your health, some stubborn fat deposits are hard to improve with these methods alone. 

TruSculpt iD is a nonsurgical, non-invasive body contouring treatment that sculpts and tones your silhouette in a single session. So if you're wondering whether this body contouring treatment really works, the answer is yes. 

Here are a few benefits that illustrate why so many people find truSculpt iD worth it.

Eliminate Unwanted Fat

TruSculpt ID uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the underlying layers of fat, destroying the targeted fat cells so your body can gradually eliminate them. When RF energy is applied to the skin, it targets stubborn fat without damaging the surrounding tissue. 

Enjoy No Downtime

With truSculpt, you can resume your routine immediately after treatment instead of disrupting your busy life with surgical procedures requiring extended downtime. Expect mild redness and sensitivity in the treated areas after truSculpt, but these symptoms should not last long.

Firm and Tighten Your Skin

A key benefit of truSculpt is that it can improve skin laxity in addition to reducing stubborn fat. Other body contouring treatments, such as CoolSculpting®, can’t improve surface skin once fat cells are removed. The RF energy used in truSculpt iD gives you that extra boost so you sculpt your body and enjoy firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

Easily Fit truSculpt Into a Busy Schedule

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time at your provider’s office or want to get ready for a special event, this treatment is often a good option. Your truSculpt iD session should only last around 15 minutes, far less than other nonsurgical body contouring treatments that can last 1 hour or longer. You can enjoy this fast and comfortable treatment without interfering with your daily routine.

Improve Several Areas of Your Body

Although you can use this treatment to reduce stubborn fat in many different areas of the body, the most treated areas are the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, chin, and hips. If you're impressed with the effects of truSculpt's radiofrequency benefits, you can also try our SecretRF microneedling treatment to address facial skin laxity and texture.

Achieve Excellent Results in One Treatment Session

TruSculpt iD often gives you effective and long-lasting results in just one session. After your treatment, you can expect to see results in about 6 weeks. However, depending on how much fat you want to remove, you can opt for a repeat session after 3 months. To see one of our client's results, take a look at their before and after photos

Next Steps

You can learn more about truSculpt and other aesthetic options by requesting a consultation or calling us at (705) 721-7775 to schedule an appointment.  


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